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How to Maintain Your Car for Maximum Resale Value

How to Maintain Your Car for Maximum Resale Value

Buying a car is a big financial investment. For many people, getting returns for it is a big deal. At the same time, many people are distracted by the excitement of taking a new turn on the road.

If you’re thinking of your long-term financial returns, remember to maintain the resale value of your car. Unlike other properties and assets, cars don’t appreciate with age. According to some estimates, cars can lose as much as 20% of their original sale value as soon as they are sold. This is where proper maintenance comes in to save the day.

7 ways to get maximum resale value

Getting the most out of your initial investment is possible if you take care of your assets. Here are some ways to get the most out of your car in the future.

#1: Wash your car regularly

Whether you plan to sell your car in the future or not, washing your car regularly is a must. Washing your car regularly and getting the interiors cleaned out will help preserve its value.

There are a number of reasons why you should wash your car regularly. First, it can greatly impact the impression you make on potential buyers. The better the appearance, the more likely people will come to negotiate to your benefit.

Another reason is to prevent damage to your car. Without regular washing and maintenance, your car can be prone to stains, wear and tear, fading and uneven colouring. The build-up of dirt and grime can lead to bigger problems like rust and corrosion.

#2: Regularly maintain and service your car

Regular maintenance is recommended universally by manufacturers. Maintenance includes changing your oil after certain mileage intervals, checking tire pressure for top performance and safety, and changing air filters and other fluids.

All of these things should follow manufacturer recommendations to prevent more damage and also loss of warranty. Keep your vehicle in good health and prevent more expensive repairs in the long-run.

#3: Avoid extreme conditions

To protect the appearance of your vehicle and to increase the resale value of your car, avoid extreme conditions when driving and parking.

The colour of a vehicle can be significantly affected by extremely cold or warm environments. Internal engine components can also be damaged by extreme cold.

Take the option of parking in a shaded and climate-controlled area if possible

#4: Repair dents and scratches

The littlest detail can scare off a potential buyer. These visible imperfections, while unavoidable, can significantly decrease resale value. Buyers are more likely to go to other sellers or models of the same price but with better appearance and history.

Make sure to repair even small dents and scratches. These reflect your level of care when you manoeuvre in tight spaces.

This is an easy investment to make. Fixing these dings and dents isn’t expensive; in fact, an easy dent repair can fix most problems. At the end of the day, you can get a higher price during repairs.

#5: Control your mileage

The amount of mileage a car has for its age is also important when it comes to the valuing of used cars. Potential buyers also compare this detail. Driving more than the average can lessen your chances of getting a higher price, since it means the car has been through more wear-and-tear.

#6: Add only practical accessories and extras

A cutting edge stereo or smartphone connector can make your car more attractive to sellers. This is especially true if your car is a common model seen in second hand shops.

Of course, not all kinds of upgrades and additions will add that competitive edge. If buyers don’t like the accessory, they probably won’t buy into your price mark-up. Practical extras, like a bed liner for a truck, are best.

#7: Keep service records

Lastly, keep service records. Service records are proof of full maintenance, and it vouches for any work that you did. You might tell your buyer that you paid for an upgrade, changed the clutch, or did regular check-ups. Without records, you are less likely to convince your buyers.

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Trust and competence is a big part of the sale and evaluation, especially if you’re transacting via private sale. Improve the rapport and your reputation with a full service record. This is also attractive for buyers who might also sell the car in the future. They will also benefit from the complete history.

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