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Used Subaru Cars Newcastle

Subaru has a long history of manufacturing high quality cars. The first Subaru was unveiled in the 1950s and immediately, the car became an instant hit in Japan. Subaru is one of the leading automobile brands when it comes to innovation, safety, performance, and technology.

Subaru has a wide range of cars — from the simply elegant Subaru Impreza which boasts a fun look and economical performance to the Subaru Outback that’s specially designed to conquer the Australian streets and rugged terrain.

Used Subarus For Sale in Newcastle - New Deal Autos

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A 2nd Hand Subaru Car In Newcastle

New cars are great. Period. But if your budget is limited, then the best choice is to shop for 2nd hand Subaru cars in Newcastle. Here’s some reasons why you should do it.

1. Save Money

Used cars cost significantly less than their brand new counterparts. And unlike before, used cars today are still good and could last a long time (depending on how well the unit is maintained). Thanks to improved servicing and materials. Nevertheless, you must still do your homework to get you money’s worth.

2. Minimise Depreciation

Sadly, cars depreciate fast. In its first year, a car could lose 10-15% of its initial value. The best time to buy a 2nd hand Subaru car in Newcastle is when it’s around 2 years old as the rate of depreciation increases again after year five. It’s a bit difficult to find 1-3-year-old cars but they’re worth the effort.

3. Reduce Insurance Costs

A key factor in determining a car’s insurance rate is the value of the car. Because a used car’s value is lower than a brand new one, the cost of insurance should be less.

4. Reduce Registration Fees

Registration fees are often based on the car’s transaction price. Like insurance, you’ll save more in registration fees when buying a Newcastle 2nd hand Subaru car compared to a new one.

Where To Buy 2nd Hand Subaru Cars In Newcastle

New Deal Autos is your best friend when it comes to buying 2nd hand Subaru cars in Newcastle. We have a wide range to choose from and we always update our listing to give you the latest buzz in town. Our used cars are of good quality and are fairly priced.

Used Subarus For Sale in Newcastle - New Deal Autos