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Used Toyota Cars Newcastle

Toyota is one of Australia’s leading automotive company with over 50 years of presence in the country. In 2014, Toyota was hailed as the top selling brand for the twelfth year in a row. Toyota is renowned for the quality of its cars — something you would expect from a global brand.

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Toyota In Australia

Toyota Australia is headquartered in Port Melbourne, Victoria while its manufacturing plant is housed in Altona. Toyota Australia manufactures the Camry Hybrid, Camry, and Aurion.

Toyota has a wide selection of cars to choose from depending on your needs. If you’re looking for a green solution, then Hybrids like Prius and Camry Hybrid are your go to rides. The Aurion, Corolla, Camry and Yaris are some of the company’s popular passenger vehicles while the Land Cruiser, RAV 4 and Prado are the centrepieces of their SUV line up. Popular commercial models include the Coaster and the HiAce.

Reasons To Buy 2nd Hand Toyota Cars In Newcastle

Comparing apples to apples, buying a 2nd hand Toyota car in Newcastle is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one. Second hand cars are best for those who are looking for a decent ride without breaking the bank. Below are more reasons why you should consider buying a 2nd hand Toyota.

1. Car Value Always Depreciates

Unlike houses, a car’s value immediately depreciates the moment your drive it off the dealership lot. Depending on the brand, a car could lose half of its value after 4 years. So if you’re looking for a good cost-to-resale solution, then buying a Newcastle 2nd hand Toyota is your best shot.

2. Save On Costs And Fees

Insurance and registration fees are directly proportional to the age of your car. Brand new cars will cost more compared to used ones. So if you want to save more cash on insurance and other fees, then consider purchasing a 2nd hand Toyota Car in Newcastle.

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Used Toyotas For Sale in Newcastle - New Deal Autos